Pre Ballet:  a ballet class for ages:  2 1/2 - 4.  This class is designed to start ballerinas with basic positions and vocabulary.  Also practicing motor skills:  Skipping, Rolling Summer saults, etc...  This class is 45 minutes.

Beginning Ballet 1/Tap:  a combination ballet/tap class for students ages: 4-6.  This class is designed to help student's with their beginning ballet and tap vocabulary, memorization and technique.  This class is an hour long and is made up of 45 minutes ballet and 15 minutes tap.

Beginning Ballet 2/Tap:  a combination ballet/tap class that consists of barre work, center floor and traveling combinations.  This class is for ages: 6-8.  Students also continue to learn ballet/tap vocabulary and technique.  This class is an hour and made up of 45 minutes ballet and 15 minutes Tap.

On average, each student will stay in each level 2 years.  Unless otherwise placed in another class recommended by teacher.

Dress Requirements for Pre-Ballet, Beg. Ballet 1/Tap, Beg Ballet 2/Tap:  Pink leotard, pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.  Hair is to be in a bun.  Boys should be in black jazz pants and white shirt with black ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

On Your Toes Dance Studio

Intermediate Tap and Advanced Tap:  Students learn coordination, ability to count and hear the beat along with learning rhythm.  This class is by Teacher Recommendation.

Dress & Hair Requirements for Tap:  Any colored leotard, nude, pink, white tights.  Dance shorts or pants are allowed and black tap shoes.  (fitted tank tops are allowed over leotard)

Jazz/Hip Hop 1-3:  deals with strengthening the core and stretching muscles it also helps builds self esteem and motivation.  Choreography is made up of different turns, leaps, and jump combinations.  These classes are each one hour.

          Jazz 1:  ages 6-8 

          Jazz 2:  ages 9-11

          Jazz 3:  ages 12 and up

Dress requirements for Jazz/Hip Hop:  Leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes (jazz sneakers are allowed for Hip Hop), hair pulled up off of face and neck, and midriff must not show.

Intermediate and Advanced Lyrical:  Lyrical is an expression of a song or one's feelings.  To make movements flow and create a story of dance movements.

          Intermediate level:  ages 9-11

          Advanced Level:  ages 12 and up

These classes are 30 minutes

Dress & Hair Requirements for Lyrical:  Hair pulled back out of face.  Leotard, tights, capri pants.  Pants, shorts, and fitted tank over leotard are allowed.

​Dance to Express ... Not to Impress!

Intermediate Ballet 2/Tap: Students will start to work on more combinations, center placement, turns.  They will be working on flexibility and stretching correctly.  While still studying vocabulary and basic technique.  This class is for ages 8 - 10 and is an hour long, made up of 40 minutes ballet, and 20 minutes tap.

Ballet 1:  Students continue on barre work and center core control they will also start to work on special warm-ups and controlling steps to build muscle to get ready for pointe shoes, only if they are ready at age 12 with consent of a doctor's release.  This class is for ages 10-12 and is 1 hour long.

Dress Requirements for Int Ballet 2/Tap and Ballet 1: Black leotard, ballet pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes (black tap shoes for Int level)

Hair Requirements for ALL Ballet Classes:  Please wear hair in a bun if hair length allows.

Ballet 2:  Students will begin pointe work with the consent of a doctor's note.  They will continue to work on barre strengthening, center combinations, traveling steps, vocabulary and tequnique.  This is a very excited and yet challenging step for a dancer so we require that two classes of ballet be taken.  Pointe Techniques which is 1 hour, and Ballet 2 which is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Dress Requirements for Ballet 2:  Any color leotard, nude pink or white tights, pink ballet shoes and pink pointe shoes.  Leg warmers are allowed but only for first combination.  Ballet shorts , skirts, skorts are allowed in these classes.